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Become the new

Business Leader!

Dear artist,

do you

· love your followers, but struggle with social media management?

· have great ideas, but get stuck putting them into action?

· have talent and drive, but need more strategy, structure, and method?​

Discover new possibilities of making your passion a profitable business!
Develop the leader in you to grow your following organically!
Get things done while having fun!
Work with a seasoned and dynamic music biz executive, coach and mentor!

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Compare and choose among different coaching services and programs, ranging from individual sessions to group workshops.

We hold our meetings via digital conferencing in English, Spanish, German or French. Check out the various options and get on a 15-minute complimentary call to find out what suits best your current needs!


Introductory session - the first impression counts. A lot. Let's find out if we match!

We join on a video conference and analyze the match between your current situation and expectations, and the methodology of my coaching programs.

After clarifying the goals and getting a first impression of each other we'll find out which program works best for you.

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Individual 3-month program

A project-oriented approach that aims at making your current production, video, single, album, concert series or social media campaign a success.

3 regular program sessions plus one extra session for feedback and specific consulting per month.

You will feel in control of your current project, with the help or a clear management framework, so your expectations can be met and exceeded.

Yoga by the Ocean

Individual 6-month program

Our career planning program: we draw a holistic picture or your current situation, define future goals, focus on short-term wins, a medium-term plan and a long-term strategy for your business.

3 regular program sessions plus one extra session for feedback and specific consulting per month.

You will end up with a clear vision for your career, a renewed faith in your talent and potential, and a proper business strategy based on thorough analysis and planning.

Group of Friends

Group 3-month program

Learning & sharing in a group (up to 6 members) is an invaluable experience allowing you to contrast your own situation and share impressions of the journey with your travel companions.

3 regular group sessions plus one separate individual feedback session per month.

You will find inspiration and learn from the other group members' experience, successes and failures for your own career and projects. And don't discard future collabos among each other!

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Florian, your coach & mentor

What can you expect from me?

I will

  • empower you in your uniqueness and importance

  • support you in the identification and development of your singular profile

  • encourage and sharpen your business acumen in the context of the current and future music biz

  • visualize marketing strategies that fit your needs

  • give orientation in the social media and streaming services jungle

  • inspire you to develop creative business ideas

  • provide concrete tools and methods for their implementation

  • teach and train your leadership skills

so that you can achieve, step by step, a

  • fulfilling, happy and meaningful life as a successful entrepreneur of your own story

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Individual project accelerator vs. learning & sharing as part of a group

You can choose between working individually with Florian to clarify your goals and get your project up and running, or as part of a group of like-minded artists from your community or from all around the globe who might have similar concerns as you.

What's best for you? Book a complimentary call and find out!


Motivational and Keynote Speaking

Book Florian for a Keynote or Motivational Speech to enrich your event with his unique approach to the Artist’s role as a Business Owner in the Music Industry! (English, Deutsch, español, français)

On-site Workshops

Hire Florian for an on-site workshop with your team, band, ensemble or organization! (English, Deutsch, español, français)

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It's not me, it's them who say things like this:

"Florian is a very well-tempered worker with an impressive set of skills. He is professional, meticulous and organized, and at the same time highly motivational, tireless, accomodating, a quick thinker and creative problem solver on the go. He has vast experience as a producer, booker and manager, and comunicates seamlessly with all the different kinds of players in the business (in many languages, too!). The lessons we learned from him proved invaluable over the years, regarding everything from tour planning to record producing, press, and social media presence. Highly recommended!"

Acho Estol & Dolores Solá (La Chicana)

"Florian is such an inspiring professional, he gathers both the artistic side of music and the business side, the full package. I learnt a few things from him during my junior years in the music business that I am still using and hopefully I will always use."

Mario Pato (International Director, Altafonte)

"Every time I talk to Florian he surprises me so much with the advise he gives me. He not only understands the business side of music, he also understands the songwriting side which is a really special skill to have! I’m happy and inspired every time after our meetings and I have seen great progress in my business."

Mia Nicolai (singer & songwriter)

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