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2019: artefact yourself!

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Take ownership of your destiny. Develop yourself into what you’re called to be, what you’re here to become, into the person who serves the purpose of your life! How easy is that? Maybe easy to understand in theory, but it takes time, daily effort, persistence, and a whole lot of belief to get there.

It’s comfortable to keep going as you do as long as everything runs smoothly. If you’re happy with yourself and your circumstances make sure you understand which mechanisms and people this well-being relies on and is nurtured by. Take care of the details, water the plants, cultivate your friendships!

But if you’re one of my crowd, if you’re a seeker, almost obsessed with continuous change, improvement and personal growth, in addition to the above you must remember that today’s the first day of the rest of your life!

No matter if you’re a purpose-seeker looking for some more balance, a balance-seeker in need of a clearer personal purpose, or a balance-seeker heavily driven by purpose: you can start modifying your undesired circumstances at any point in time.

So why should you wait? Why not start the exciting journey today?

Maybe it's time for the rediscovery of the purpose of your life!

But wait, wait, wait, don't just pack your bags and run out the door! Pause and start asking you these questions: What kind of artefact am I? What is my function, what am I here to do, which purpose and people am I here to serve?

I did it for myself and the answer ended up being strikingly simple:

I’m one of those very basic antique artefacts that can help you shape and sharpen yours.

So, here’s my suggestion: use me to get the best out of you and your ideas! Let me artefact You!

I'm ready and waiting for you!


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