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IV. Your Style

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Take good care of your style!

Words, sound and visuals: elements that can travel immediately through our digital connections. Take good care of them when you present yourself to the world.

Choose your language, your register, your vocabulary: who are you speaking to when you put those words out?

Music has the power to appeal directly to the senses, to our emotional intelligence. Highlight your most meaningful and significant sound recordings!

And visuals, yes, they matter, probably more than ever. Choose what you want to show! Which colours, shapes, epochs, haircuts, social & ethnological references?

What are your visual strengths, your weaknesses? Which of both do you want to show? Does everything have to be beautiful and perfect? No! … No?

Your unique combination forms your unique style.

How to do what and when? Find your way!

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