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VIII. Your Fans

Take care of your fans. Take care of yourself.

t only comes in as chapter 8 of this series… isn’t that wrong? Wasn’t it supposed to be the first and most urgent thing you do, increase your number of followers and fans?

Of course, it’s fundamental to build a solid, loyal and growing fanbase as soon as possible. You need them to be on your side as you move through all the different stages, and you need them all the time, their continuous and well-intentioned feedback is what helps you grow and excel.

Take care of them, understand them, communicate with them, ask them what they need, what they like, what they dislike… but don’t take any of it as the ultimate truth! Only you know what that is.

You will grow and evolve over time, and they will do the same. But not all of them will be your best company forever, and you might not be one of their favourite artists anymore.

Grow with them, inspire them to grow with you, educate them and learn from them! But don’t take them for granted.

Growth means evolution and evolution means change. Change means risk and risk means dealing with your fears. Fears arise from what you perceive as threats. So, let’s talk about them!

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