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V. Your Way

So many manuals and tutorials at your fingertips. Type it into the browser and you see how one question leads to hundreds of instantaneous answers. But do you know how to apply the tips and tricks to your person and situation?

Don’t you sometimes get stuck when you find answers… but not the one that resolves your specific problem? Step-by-step guides on how to become a successful artist that work 100% for literally everybody: how boring would that be!

Which way? - Your way!

By creating individual responses to general challenges, you define and design your own way. It might lead through serpentines and take unexpected turns, but it’s yours.

And as you follow your personal path through the jungle of social media, creative processes, writing, rehearsing, recording, promoting and performing, you collaborate and cooperate with an increasing number of fellow travellers.

Finding and understanding your positioning among all of them will help you define your role.

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